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Conversations For Deeper Context

Conversations For Deeper Context

I’m happy to announce the debut of Conversations For Deeper Context, a semi-regular podcast interview series which serves two purposes:

  1. It allows me to have conversations with people that I find super interesting
  2. I get to demonstrate how a Deeper Context project might go, to people like you who might be interested in collaborating with me.

So, for the sake of avoiding paragraph-long descriptors…

Here’s what Conversations For Deeper Context is:

  • Conversations with people about their curiosity and how they’re applying it in their lives and their work (however that may manifest in their lives)
  • Personal, heart-prioritized conversations
  • About an hour per-episode
  • Irregularly updated
  • Hosted by me (Jeremy Meyers)

Here’s what Conversations For Deeper Context isn’t:

  • A place to hear about marketing, social media, sales or business. Seriously. That’s not what this is about, and if it comes up, it’s accidental.
  • A place for people to spend an hour plugging their latest projects
  • A place for self-help folks to hawk their books
  • A sales pitch for Deeper Context.  These conversations are meant to stand on their own, and I hope they are valuable to you.

Episode One is live now and features Megan Elizabeth Morris from Ideaschema.

You can also, of course, subscribe via iTunes.

Please enjoy, and I’d love your feedback.  Also, if you’d like to have a CFDC conversation, please feel free to get in touch.


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