Therapists and Coaches

Attract clients that resonate with your style, before that evalutation session.

You are a therapist, social worker or coach.

Your life is about helping people open up to self-examination and awareness, to get past their self-imposed limitations and live a fuller, truer life.

Mine is too. Welcome.

Maybe you struggle to connect with clients who match your strengths. Maybe your online presence doesn’t accurately reflect that intangible ‘vibe’ that happens or doesn’t happen upon that initial consultation. Maybe it would be valuable for you to have a way to communicate your focus, tone and skills before that first one-on-one meeting, in a way that’s strikes a balance between human vulnerability and professional presentation.

This is what DEEPER CONTEXT is good at.

What Our Conversation Will Focus On:

  • How you got to where you are A bit of your path and what led you to helping others in this way..
  • What you’ve learned. Here, you have an opportunity to share some of your philosophy and approach to counseling, through your experiences.
  • Your focus. What are you specifically trained for? Do you have an area of specialty? Is there an ‘ideal client’ for you?

What You Get:

  • A thoughtful, edited video (or set of videos) of you exploring your practice, full of heart and passion.
  • An opportunity to spend some dedicated time examining why you’re in the business of helping people anyway.

Additionally, we can:

  • Help you rework your website content, taking your new clarity into account
  • Refresh your site design

Samples of this kind of Deeper Context work: