Who is DEEPER CONTEXT useful for?

Here are some ways I like to apply the DEEPER CONTEXT mission.

JOB SEEKERS. A video demonstrating your particular passion and smarts would invaluable in today’s job market.

ENTREPRENEURS. You already know why you’re so excited about building your product. Let’s get underneath to unearth the human themes to make your site even stronger and more relatable.

FAMILIES. When thinking about creating an heirloom that will last through generations, consider a collection of interviews with your family, exploring what makes them tick, and their perceptions of what makes your particular collection of people work.

NON-PROFITS. You want to change the world.  Lecturing at people is such a turn-off.  Let’s talk about what you’ve seen, how what you’re doing is making the world a more awesome place, and how people can get involved.

CREATIVE BUSINESSES. Own a record store? Let’s chat about your favorite records of all time, some prized possessions, what keeps you in the business.