Services and Pricing

How a DEEPER CONTEXT project gets made. Also, the money stuff.

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Initial Conversation and Proposal

We’ll chat about:

  • What we’d like to accomplish through our partnership.
  • Some background information we can use to craft our conversation. You might even call it context.
  • A sense of who will be participating.


Then I’ll organize our conversation into a document that gets used as a reference during our filmed conversation.  It looks something like this.  You can have a copy if you want.


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Casting and Recording

The fun part! We will:

  • Come to your workplace or find another place we can record.  Our setup is mobile, and we prefer to film you within your environment, in order to show you where you are most inspired and to have trigger objects at your disposal.
  • Catch up, relax, get comfortable.
  • Have a casual conversation, usually lasting around an hour. If you feel like you “messed up” you can start again. There’s no pressure.  You’ll forget about the cameras and just get into your story.
  • Film some B-Roll of you “in action” doing the work that you do.
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Post-Production and Delivery

The post-production process can involve you as little or as much as you like.  I will:

  • Organize and edit. Themes will naturally emerge in our conversation, and the editing process will organize the raw content into an easily digestible video or set of videos. I use Final Cut Pro.
  • Score. Choosing (royalty-free) music to match the tone of the conversation. Why does this matter? [link to blog post]
  • Brand. Either your own branding or DEEPER CONTEXT default branding.

Custom Services

I also offer a suite of add-on services to continue our relationship. These include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Website design and refresh
  • Regularly updated traffic reports for your DEEPER CONTEXT project
  • Resumé consulting
  • Metadata. The better to make our collaboration findable by those searching for it. Suggested tags, titles, etc.
  • Social Media Starter Kit. If it would make your life easier, I’d be happy to write some tweets to promote the work we’ve done.


Great for Creatives
Raw Footage Delivery Format
One Interview
No Social Media Starter Kit
No Reporting
Travel Anywhere ITP
Full Package
Our Most Popular
Edited Videos Delivery Format
Up to Three Interviews
Basic Social Media Starter Kit
One-Time Reporting
Local to Atlanta Metro Travel
Custom Package
Big Time!
Custom Branded Edited Videos Delivery Format
Up to Five Interviews
Custom Social Media Starter Kit
Monthly Reporting
Negotiable Travel
I do also have special pricing for non-profit projects, so feel free to get in touch about that.