Conversations For Deeper Context

Jeremy from Deeper Context has conversations with people he likes and respects about curiosity and their worldview.

Created: Summer 2013
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Conversations for Deeper Context
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“[curiosity] is the root of wondering what would happen if I tried this thing and then finding out that this thing turns out to improve the quality of my life in dramatic ways, and without curiosity, you can’t really get to those things. I’ve been doing a lot of work in thinking about what is really natural either to human beings or to anything in existence, and trying to run my life and my work on that basis, and curiosity is part of it.” -Megan Elizabeth Morris


  • Create a podcast series exploring curiosity and the stories of people that I like and admire.

Concept – Explore what curiosity means to people in many different disciplines:

  • Demonstrate Deeper Context’s value in conversations
  • Provide a for otherwise underrepresented opinions.

Cast – People I Dig:

Production Notes:

  • Podcasts are recorded remotely.
  • These techniques are also used for client projects.