Client: Mynde Mayfield,

The story of how Mynde went from a corporate life to an entrepreneurial one, helping women to develop web presences they can be in love with.

Created: 8/2012
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The Challenge:

  • Delve into the life and passions of Mynde Mayfield in order to capture her story and give her ways to attract new clients and promote her new eBook, Web Presence Essentials.

The Concept:

  • An in-depth, remotely produced interview (DC is NYC-based, while Mynde is in California) taking her through her professional journey, and focusing on her new book

The Approach:

  • Mynde and I have known each other for a long time via Twitter, so I was very excited to be able to assist her.
  • As she lives on the other side of the country, we conducted the actual 35 minute interview via Skype.

The Result:

  • Three videos, each with a different focus: Her personal story, a description of her clients and what services she offers, and a video description of her eBook and the value it brings to potential readers.

Production Notes:

  • We did not record the interview on Skype, I just asked her the questions via a chat, so she had someone to look at while answering. We used two cameras on tripods to record her. This seems to be a useful and replicable way to gather material from anywhere on the planet.


  • Executive Producer, Project Lead: Jeremy Meyers
  • Interviewer: Jeremy Meyers
  • Editor: Chris Chan Roberson